The Lucky Star is lucky, to be sure. Also talented and beautiful. Most of all, she is compassionate, smart, and wise beyond her years. This Future Star will have the best support system possible in the music industry, and that includes her closest circle of friends and benefactors.

In the documentary that follows her growth as an artist and as a person, we will witness her rise from obscurity—and how she KEEPS ON RISING. The viewing audience will know for certain that It’s Not Luck that made her a star.

It’s what she does to prepare for the steep climb to the top that gets her there…and will keep her there. That is Lucky Star’s MISSION STATEMENT.

In that way, she will resist the pressures and temptations that take down even some of the greatest musical artists in history. It’s her Inner Strength that will enable her to do that…a quality she will continue to cultivate as she reaches the pinnacle of her profession. From that vantage point—at the top of the music industry—she will THANK HER LUCKY STARS!


Lucky Star Primary Focus

Lucky Star” may seem like another music talent show, in that it features the rise of a new music star.  However, in addition to that, it will follow the creative and personal development process of a blossoming artist as she explores the origin of her own creativity. Her mentors and co-explorers will be both famous and unknown performers who have created impressive works of art themselves. Intimate discussion and storytelling will unveil how some of the greatest songs came into existence, and the varied approach that different artists take to creating their works. The viewer will relate to the myriad of techniques presented to ignite their own creative expression, regardless of their profession, craft, or interests. It will show the process of creating something from nothing, demonstrating the full spectrum of self-expression.

The Lucky Star will start off with great potential, yet to be fully realized. She’ll work with some of the best teachers and coaches in various musical and performing disciplines.  Where Lucky Star TOTALLY takes another path than conventional T.V. music shows is in the area of the rising star’s consciousness development. Renowned experts in the fields of spirituality, holistic health care, and public service will prepare our aspiring star for her emergence. These guides will inspire the viewing audience to embark on their own personal journey, by providing ways and means to help that growth to occur.

For the Benefit of

In terms of the Lucky Star’s consciousness development, she comes to this project with the intention of helping to elevate the consciousness of her generation…the millennials…and anyone who is ready for a great leap forward in their personal growth. 

A decade or so ago, the World Wildlife Foundation featured a photo in a magazine of a tiger running free in the wild.  The caption on the photo read: “Be the voice for those who have no voice.”  Our heroine will be the voice for those who are trying to find their own voice, showing how to transform fear and confusion into joy, clarity, and a confidence that is greater than external circumstances and other people’s tendency to doubt those seeking to be who they truly are.

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Lucky Star

TV talent shows, especially those that showcase singers, have been around foralmost as long as television itself, starting in the late-1940’s. The most recent incarnation of these shows started with “American Idol” almost a quarter of a century ago. Though competitions such as “The Voice” and “The X Factor” have featured talented singers,…few, if any, have produced consistent stars at the high end of the music industry. The only two artists to “make it” at the highest level for an extended period of time were the stars of American Idol from the first five seasons, Kelly Clarkson (pictured below) and Carrie Underwood. With music industry personnel (executives, producers, managers, and agents) all benefitting from this “star search,” WHY haven’t these shows produced numerous stars that are still “big” to this day.


The answers are uncertain, but this much is likely: The pressure on those that win AmericanIdol and other such shows is enormous—to live up to the expectations of their record labels, their fans, and the music media. The Internet’s 24/7 visibility makes it so that everything famous people do is magnified, for better or for worse. Being “under the microscope” is difficult to handle—and that’s stating it lightly.

Another problem is that there are no reliable systems to keep talent thriving, even while in the “fishbowl.” There was no Internet in the 1980’s, and it barely existed when American Idol first came into prominence.  That’s where “Lucky Star” comes in. The documentary we will film will show the rising star going through the technical and emotional training necessary to be ideally as big as Madonna was back in the day, or  as Taylor Swift is currently. The creator of this project, Anthony M. Hirschman, worked with Madonna’s manager, Freddy DeMann, for 15 years (1996-2011). He assisted Mr. DeMann using visualization and physical energetic tuning techniques. During this extended period of time, he was granted insider access as to the reasons why Demann’s artists were so consistently successful. One of the manager’s secrets is to ONLY represent singers who write their own songs. This enables the artists to communicate their feelings authentically. None of the three major talent shows referenced in this Comprehensive Analysis place a premium on songwriting skills, so they are already  missing a key element of what made Freddy DeMann’s stable of talent the most popular of their era (1980-2005). He “broke” Shakira into the global marketplace in the early-2000’s, another “feather-in-the-cap” of one of the greatest music managers ever.


That statement, about DeMann’s achievements as a manager, is backed up by music history…in terms of his artists’ success. That’s why Hirschman was “all ears” when working with Freddy for so long. Hirschman learned from DeMann what he did to help develop Madonna from an unknown to the biggest female music star of the 1980’s and 1990’s. He found out directly how DeMann helped Michael Jackson evolve beyond the Jackson 5 to record the biggest selling album in history (“Thriller”). In 1995, DeMann signed an artist that no major label wanted—Alanis Morrisette. That move and her resulting success propelled her to one of the most impressive debut albums ever, winning five Grammys (including Album of the Year).

Alanis Morrisette (left) and Shakira (right) have something in common: They both benefitted from Freddy DeMann’s creative genius in developing and marketing them.

Hirschman was fortunate to be able to observe how the great manager worked his magic, including hearing many stories from DeMann himself. Time for that knowledge to be passed on to The Lucky Star…and to the World-At-Large!

The Lucky Star’s team of musical and personal growth experts all have the intent to transform our artist into a sensation in the music industry that keeps on growing—as did Freddy DeMann’s greatest female singer, Madonna. Witnessing her halftime performance at the 2012 Super Bowl shows how her legend continued to grow for 30 years from the time she was first “discovered” by DeMann in 1982.

Speaking of legends, the Lucky Star will interact with the music legends of the past and present. Her motive will be to understand and be uplifted by the challenges and adversities they conquered on their rise to the topjust like Anthony Hirschman was inspired through his interaction with Freddy DeMann in relation to his artists’ consistent meteoric rise to the top. Getting into the hearts and minds of the most renowned singers and musicians ever will make the documentary we will film that much more appealing…standing the test of time. It will become timeless—inspiring viewers for decades to come.

The Lucky Star Project has an aspect of VH1’s “Behind The Music”—but in reverse. It’s “In Front Of The Music,” much like the Tom Hanks movie from a quarter-century ago called “That Thing You Do.” This  fantasy movie chronicles the rise of an American band comparable to the Beatles, and follows them until they “blow up”…in a good and bad way…during and after a showcase television performance similar to “The Ed Sullivan Show.” We will do the same with our Lucky Star, except she’ll blow up in all the best ways!